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World Peace from Spirituality


Question: Sir, Maharishi was saying.. In another 50 years the world peace will come.. Swami Vivekananda was saying that he doesn't need liberation until everyone in the world attains enlightenment.. Though it was wished by many so called great persons.. It is somehow getting delayed. What could be the reason? What is still missing? When can it happen to all.. Including me?

Answer: Wishing for world peace is a good affirmation for the welfare of the world. No one has ever fixed the time limit for world peace. Vethathiri Maharishi was the first person who fixed the time limit. There are two possibilities to attain world peace.

1. Everybody is enlightened.

2. Forming One World Government.

If you look at the last two decades, science has grown very rapidly as never before. In the next three decades, it may reach the peak where people would have gotten bored /satisfied with material things. So, they may turn inwardly. Through science people may understand the Divine state clearly so that they will come out of illusions and attain enlightenment. Political leaders will have spiritual knowledge. So, they may agree to form One World Government. If one government is formed for the entire world, there will be no need for war. Moreover, by the government rules, spirituality can reach all the people.

Swami Vivekananda has said so out of compassion for the world. He will be inspiring and motivating people to enter into spiritually. Many people are blessing for world peace. The process is going on. If every individual leads spiritual life, it will happen quickly. As far as enlightenment is concerned, if you give priority to attain enlightenment, you will attain enlightenment. If it is getting delayed, it means your priority is not enlightenment. If everyone’s priority is not for enlightenment, it doesn’t matter. But, if everyone is in the spiritual path, it matters for world peace.

Good Morning ... Travel on the spiritual path .... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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