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Problems in relationships


Question: Sir..I am again and again stuck with problems in the relationship which affects my career/life too. I'm often being questioned myself... What if my partner takes advantage of me and which is correct to my partner is incorrect to me? How to make the partner understand life and reality? How to turn the relationship as nectar from poison?

Answer: Love is the bridge between relationships. In the absence of love, relationships will create many problems. You are ready to love your partner. But, if you really love, your ego has to die. So, your ego says that what if he/she takes advantage of you.

In fact, your partner should get advantage from you. Only then you are a partner. Otherwise, you are not. Then, you think that you are right and your partner is wrong. This is superiority complex. So, you want your partner to understand life. You want to change your partner.

But, the reality is that your partner also thinks in the same way. Because, both are adjusting to each other. In fact, both feel uncomfortable. That's why you are adjusting. When you adjust, you suppress your in-comfort.

Anytime, the suppression may burst out. That's why you are trying to change your partner. Male's way of thinking is different from a female's way of thinking and vice versa. So, there will definitely be misunderstandings.

Instead of adjustment, try to understand each other. The more you understand, the more you will accept your partner as he/she is. In the very acceptance, love blossoms and the bridge is constructed. Relationships without love are poisonous. Relationship with love is nectar.

Good Morning....construct the bridge..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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