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About the Master

Kárya Siddhi Yoga has been conceptualized, devised and taught by Mr. R.Venkatesan. Since his childhood, he had an inclination towards spirituality and hence had aspiration to achieve in that field. He has spent more than two decades in spiritual exploration, practice and research. Considering himself as a laboratory, he has carried out a lot of research. He has also observed Mounam several times for long durations.

Mr. Venkatesan has dedicated his entire life to awaken the people to lead asuccessful life in all aspects. In this regard, based on the insights he gained during hisown spiritual practice and also while observing the society, he has devised the system ofKárya Siddhi Yoga, in such a way that it suits the needs of present day society.

He has completed M.Sc. in Applied Psychology, M.Sc. in Yoga, M.A in Yoga forHuman Excellence, P.G Diploma in Varma and Thokkanam Massage Science, P.GDiploma in Sexology. Currently he is doing a PhD in Yoga at SVYASA Yoga University.

He is also an Advanced Dorn Healer, Holistic Counsellor, Yoga Therapist,Varma-Massage Therapist and Cosmic Healer.

About Karya Siddhi Yoga

Karya Siddhi Yoga is a journey, which helps to enhance inner richness and outer richness simultaneously with radiant health, abundant wealth, fulfilling career, suitable life partner, harmonious relationship, peace and happiness.

Everyone is ambitious to achieve something in life. However, we come across multiple roadblocks along the way, be it financial, social or our own habitual patterns. Karya Siddhi Yoga is a systematic guide, which teaches how to set a right goal and further process and achieve it.

At the core of Karya Siddhi Yoga, lies the philosophy of harmony. Harmony is the flow of life. This can be harmony in professional life, harmony in personal life and relationships and ultimately harmony with nature, universe and totality.


The entire teaching of Karya Siddhi Yoga is spread out across five levels, followed by Teacher Training Program and Master Training Program where each of these heads are taken up one by one. So that Karya Siddhi Yoga practitioner will achieve harmonious life holistically.


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