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Work Stress


Question: If someone knows this guy is working well, then he will allot more work to him and he will not allot any work to those who are not working anything. He will pressurize only that person without knowing his condition. Instead of this he should allot work to that guy also who is always making excuses to do work. Why this kind of thing most bosses and guys do?

Answer: Everything in the universe is happening according to the cause and effect system of nature. There must be a cause for whatever is happening in your life. There is no effect without cause. If you are allotted more work, you must have done less work and accumulated dues in your past. Now you are reducing the dues by doing more work.

If you have not accumulated dues in the past, you will be shifted to the position where you will have to do less work. If you are allotted less work now, you must have done more work in the past or you will have to do more work in the future. So, nobody can escape from doing his/her duty. Keeping this in your mind, do your work without hating it. Don't compare yourself with others.

At the same time, you can simultaneously offer your services freely in spiritual or any other charity based organization, so that accumulated dues will be reduced. Then you may get an offer from a company which utilizes your talent in the optimum way without over burdening you.

If you feel more difficulties in doing your work, you can discuss it with your boss. No need to strain yourself more. If your boss is not considering your difficulties, you can change your job. For that you should be up to date in the latest knowledge and skills.

Good Morning ... Keep updating your skills..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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