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Why is love so painful?


Question: Sir why is love so painful?

Answer: When you are in love with someone, you get rooted in that person and that person gets rooted in you. Love is concentrated energy. It pierces the ego and roots in each other. So whatever the changes happen in that person affect you. And whatever changes happen in you affect that person. Love is immensely alive. That's why you were immensely happier than ever.

Now you are separated. It gives immense pain. Deeper the love, more will be pain. Now you feel more pain because you have become more alive and more sensible. Don't escape from it. Undergo the pain. Because it will show you another dimension. Now your life is more valuable. Because you have tasted love.

Don't allow your energy to get stuck and freeze. Let your energy flow continuously. It is the beginning and not an end. Be thankful to the person who opened the door of love in you. Go to a park. See the beautiful flowers, trees and hear the lovely songs of birds... Be rooted in them. Gradually you will start to get rooted into your deeper levels of consciousness. Meditation will help you to get rooted in your source.

Good morning... Be ready to accept another dimension of life.... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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