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Why don't people have morality?


Question: Sir, I have a doubt. Why don't people have morality? Yesterday you sent an explanation about love and sex happen with many. If it will happen with many...what is the necessity of being a human being? they are equal to animals....If my opinion is not good. I am sorry sir. Teachers are trying to teach morality in the classroom. I think people are forgetting our culture also.

Answer: If having multiple relationships is animal quality, it must be natural. Because all the animals are living in accordance with the law of nature. No animal will have sex when his partner is not interested. No animal will eat food more than their requirement. Animals sense the natural calamities. But Human beings are not able to sense. So please don't insult animals by comparing them with human beings.😛

People don't have morality because morality is man made and it is not natural. There must be two reasons for not having morality.

1. Morality has not been taught in such a way that people can understand easily.

2. The available moral system may not be suitable to the modern age.

What teachers are trying to teach in the classroom? They ask boys not to look at the girls and they ask girls not to look at the boys. The boys and girls have doubt that feeling to look at the opposite sex is natural, then why teachers are restricting it? But out of fear they follow without understanding what teachers have said.

The doubt has not been cleared even after growing up. But restrictions continue. That's why those types of questions are coming again and again. Those types of questions are the indication that people have grown up. Because a grownup can not follow rules blindly.

Then you have said that people are forgetting our culture. Any culture which has not been updated will become outdated. No matter how good the culture is, it is also subject to change. If the change is not allowed, people will not apply it in their life. Then it will become rituals and formalities. Change is inevitable. If you restrict change, you will stagnate there itself.

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Venkatesh - Bangalore


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