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Why are previous births’ memories hidden?


Question: Sir all the imprints are in my genetic center but I couldn't recall my past or previous births. Why?

Answer: Nature has designed the human mind in such a way that it won't be able to recall the imprints of previous births. Imprints of previous births have been hidden so that you should live peacefully. If you can recall the imprints of millions of births, it will be too much burden to your mind. You will become mad. Though you are young physically, you will feel older psychologically. So, you can't play like a child.

Remembering the painful imprints of this birth, you suffer more. If you can remember the pains of millions of births, your life will be the worst hell. Previous births must have been worse than this birth. Because the human mind is always desiring for the best. So, this birth must be a better birth than the previous births.

Other problems are also there in recalling your past births. Suppose your husband was your father or your wife was your mother in your previous birth, it will create problems in the present relationship. If you have attained the state where you will not be affected by these things, you can try to recall your previous births by practicing certain techniques under the guidance of a master.

Even though it is possible, when you are trying to remember your previous births, you will miss the present. The present is the continuation of the past. You have no power over your past. You can not change it. But you can do whatever you want in the present. So present is important. Don't miss it.

Good Morning....Don't miss the present...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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