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Unwanted thoughts


Question: Sir how to keep our thoughts clear? And why do unwanted things reflect in our mind? If I don't want to get disturbed or irritated when I see some people or think of them. what should I do? How to change that in my thought level? Why does the mind go to the same frequency which was passed when we think of it? How to remove those imprints which are deeply rooted?

Answer: There are three types of unwanted thoughts.

1. Thoughts related to the pain you have experienced.

2.Thoughts come out of guilt.

3. Thoughts which will create pain to self or others.

You suppress these unwanted thoughts and they go to the unconscious and dark side of your mind. In this deeper level they are hidden. Painful imprints are more stronger than pleasurable imprints. You feel pain in the deeper level because others touch that which is hidden in the deeper level.

What you have hidden has become wounded. When it is touched you feel pain. As the wound is on the dark side, you are also not aware of it. Through a person or a situation you come to know that there is a wound inside. A person or a situation is like a mirror. They just reflect what is hidden inside you.

If you are not reflected beautifully in the mirror, it is not the fault of the mirror. Fault is in you. By avoiding the mirror you can not become beautiful. Using the mirror, find out wounds and try to cure them. After wounds are healed, you will be reflected beautifully in the mirror.

When you think of something, your mind goes to the same frequency. Because it is the very nature of the mind. You think of those painful events again and again, because the wound is still there. Itching is there. They need your attention.

Awareness is the medicine. Awareness is the light. If you expose the wound to the light, it will be healed.

Good morning... Be aware of the wounds...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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