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True Education


Question: Sir, science and technology have developed well. We have reached Mars but still there are uneducated people in the world, is it not equally important to educate all?

Answer: Yes. Science has improved a lot. Man has reached Mars. But still uneducated people are there in all the countries irrespective of developed countries and developing countries. Government schools are providing education with no fees / very nominal fees. Indian government has introduced a scheme called education to all that provides education to those who are not eligible to get admission in schools.

Even then, people have not utilized the opportunity to become educated. Due to poverty people spend time to earn rather than to learn. People are not aware of the value of education and the educational system doesn't have value education. Hence, though the majority of the people are educated, as they didn't study moral education and spiritual education, they are as same as uneducated. Though they don't have literal education, if they have spiritual knowledge, they are higher than educated.

Good Morning .. To be an educated person, realize yourself... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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