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Thought Observation


Question: Good morning. One person's argument is when we continuously meditate over a period of time we don't have any relation with our thoughts. We and our thoughts are separate and among that we can choose which thought we want? Please clarify.

Answer: Yes. What that person said is right. There are two functions in everybody. One is voluntary and another one is involuntary. Thoughts are involuntary reflections. Generally, they will be dominating you and you will be acting according to them. It happens unconsciously. When you start meditating, your awareness increases. As a result, you will get rid of involuntary functions.

You will have the ability to observe your thoughts. When you observe something, you become separate from it. Certain gap is maintained. Without distance you cannot observe. So, when you observe your thoughts, you become separate from thoughts. When you are independent of thoughts, you can analyze and choose the best thoughts. In the long run, your observation will become stable. Then, thoughts will be reduced or even stopped. The involuntary function will be under your control.

Good Morning .. Observe your thoughts..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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