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The existence of the universe


Question: Why does the Universe exist?

Answer: The whole Universe is nothing but energy.. What is Energy? That which is functioning is Energy. Why is Energy functioning? As everything in the Universe is functioning orderly, there must be Consciousness in everything. Order of function in everything and everywhere is Consciousness. Where there is Energy, there is Consciousness too. So Energy and Consciousness are two inseparable features. If nothing is there in the Universe, what remains is Absolute Space. So the whole Universe must be the transformation of the Absolute Space.

In the Absolute Space, Energy and Consciousness become one. They become Total. As Absolute Space was total Conscious energy, it must have decided to transform into the Universe. So the existence of the Universe cannot be accidental or mechanical. What is the necessity for the transform? As it was already total, there was no necessity. So there was no purpose. As there was no necessity and no purpose, it must be just for Fun. That's why it is called as Divine Play.

Good morning... Be a participant in the Divine Play..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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