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Tantric Love


Question: What is tantric love? What is the difference between normal love and tantric love? Is it Divine?

Answer: Love with awareness is tantric love. In the normal love, awareness is missing. This is the major difference between the two. In tantric love, you will be aware of what is happening in your body, mind and soul when you love someone. As your focus is on your spiritual growth, no question of cheating or to be cheated. You will not say that your partner used you. Instead, you will look at how much you have grown spiritually.

When you are intimate with your partner, the energy in you will blast. You will not miss the opportunity to penetrate into yourself. The more you become intimate with your partner, the deeper you go into yourself. As the aim of tantric love is to attain perfection, you will not raise complaints against your partner. Rather, you will try to create harmony in all the possible ways. You will be more grateful to your partner as you have grown spiritually because of your partner. Love is Divine per se. In a way, tantric love is more divine.

Good Morning ... Love with awareness.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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