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Taking action


Question: What to do when you have only ideas but unable to take action? Please explain.

Answer: An idea is like a seed. For the seed to become a tree, soil, water and sunlight are required in a right proportion. Your mind is like soil which should be in a good condition to sow the idea. Your family is like water which should pour the support to implement your idea. Society is like sunlight which should recognize your idea.

If these three are in a conducive condition, then the following steps to be taken.

1. Have a clear cut idea.

2.Get experts' opinion.

3. If necessary, refine your idea according to experts' opinion.

4. Estimation: Roughly calculate how much resources will be required to materialize your idea.

5. Source of resources: Find out the source of resources.

- Finance

- Skill

- Human resources

6. Plan well for skillful utilization of

- Finance

- Manpower

- Time

7. Implementation.

8. Assessment: Assess the progress

- daily

- weekly

- monthly

- yearly

9. Correction: If any mistake has happened, corrective action should be taken for improvement.

10. Constant effort should be made till the goal is achieved.

Find out in which step you have struck and move further. If you give first priority to your goal and keep other things aside, you will achieve your goal quickly. If you are not able to take action, it means that you have not given the first priority to your goal.

Otherwise, at present you may not be fit physically, mentally and financially to take action. Reduce your mental frequency through mediation and visualize your goal. Then the obstructions will be removed. The lesser your mental frequency, quicker the opportunity will be created.

Good morning....Lower the frequency, higher will be the possibility...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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