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Suppressed love


Question: Sir, the other day you had said that society has suppressed love. Is it not dangerous if it is allowed freely?

Answer: Yes. It is dangerous because a lover cannot become an army man leaving his beloved alone for the whole year. Then how to protect the country? It's dangerous because a lover can't become a terrorist. Then how to run the political show?

It's dangerous because a lover can't become a revolutionist. Then how to protect your community, how to protect your language and how to protect your religion?

A man of love will never bother about a country which divides the world. A man of love will never bother about ruling (politics) because love is surrender. A man of love will never bother about the community which separates as love unites.

A man of love will never bother about language as eyes are enough to communicate the message. A man of love will never bother about which religion is superior and which religion is inferior as his religion is love.

Country, policy, community, language and religion are conceptual and not personified. Society encourages conceptual love which is pseudo and condemns personified love which is real. Conceptual love strengthens your ego. Personified love dissolves your ego.

Love is flowing energy. Love is so vulnerable. When it is suppressed, it becomes rude. Then you can be used for the army, you can be used as a terrorist and you can be used as a revolutionist and so on. Society can not mould a person who has fallen in love as it wants. So he is dangerous.

Good Morning... Let your energy flow freely...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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