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Suggestions for Pregnant Women


Question: Sir, what do you suggest to pregnant women?

Answer: Consult respective Doctors and follow their advice regarding medicines and food. Though the imprints of ancestors are carried forward to the child through genes, from the day one of conception whatever the pregnant woman does will affect the child more.

Your thought, word and deed during pregnancy decide the personality of the child. In fact, you sculpt the child by your thought, word and deed. So, you should have positive thoughts, talk pleasant words and do good deeds. And you should avoid the company of negative people who disturb your peace of mind.

You should daily visualize how your child should be. e.g. you can visualize a healthy, intelligent and cute child. This is the most important thing. So, you must be very much clear about how your child should be. Karya Siddhi Dhyana, gives a step by step guidance to achieve this. Hence practice Karya Siddhi Dhyana to have a divine child.

If you want to practise asanas and pranayamas, follow the guidance of a yoga expert. In Karya Siddhi Yoga, we have devised a set of simple exercises called Sukshma Vyayama. You can practice it with the guidance of a master.

You can stay either at your mother's home or Mother-in-law's home where you are loved and respected more. A pregnant woman should be treated as an Angel. Only then she can give a Divine child to the society.

Good Morning… Treat the pregnant women as Angels..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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