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Spirituality and Service to the World


Question: Sir, there are many cruel incidents happening these days making us aware of the increased ignorance in Man... how could we extend our services to better our world other than actually bringing them into spirituality?

Answer: Without bringing them into spirituality, you cannot create the better world. In the better world everybody will be practising spirituality. Actually, whatever you do is for bringing them into spirituality. Otherwise, you cannot expect positive changes. You can bless them/world in order to neutralize the cruelty in them and lead the peaceful life. Group meditation can be done in many places all over the world so that the positive vibrations will be spread everywhere.

You can create awareness about the cause and effect system of nature. It may reduce the crime rate. You can be a role model by leading a healthy and peaceful life. If one person attains enlightenment, his/her magnetic field will influence many people in the world. If more enlightened people are there all over the world, ignorance will be reduced rapidly. Hence, making an effort for your enlightenment will be the best service to the world.

Good Morning .. Attain enlightenment and spread wisdom...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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