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Question: How come you are able to give simple, understandable, to the point answers to some of the complex questions arising in our mind. Can we attain that kind of understanding of the world? What should we do?

Answer: I have studied B.Com, P.G Diploma in Yoga, M.A. in Yoga for Human Excellence, M.Sc. in Yoga, M.Sc in Applied Psychology, P.G.Diploma in Varma and Thokkanam Massage Science, Yoga Instructor Course (YIC), P.G.Diploma in Sexology and now pursuing PhD in Yoga.

Many people think that as I have studied these courses, I would be able to answer like this. But that is not true. Not even 5% of the answers are related to these studies. In fact, even I don't know the answer for many questions before I start to answer. The answers come spontaneously.

I don't want to expose myself. Rather, I wholeheartedly think that the person who has asked this question should get clarity. Then the answer comes from the ultimate source. Many people have asked me so far that Sir, from where you are getting these answers. I said that, "from the consciousness".

Further, I am aware of my body, mind, and surroundings. This helps me to understand other's bodies, minds and situations. As I am not interested in exposing my expertise, the answers are simple, understandable and to the point. It's possible for everyone to understand the world comprehensively if you understand yourself deeply. The deeper you understand yourself, the wider will be your knowledge.

Good morning... Let the ultimate source answer.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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