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Smoking habit


Question: Sir I Want to get rid of smoking. I tried to smoke with awareness. But I couldn't be aware while smoking. Kindly guide me.

Answer: When you do any action for the first time, it will be voluntary action. If you repeat the same action many times, it becomes your habit. Then it becomes involuntary action. That means it's not in your control. You have become addicted to it.

Even though you don't want to smoke, an impulse drives you to smoke. Now the impulse has become more powerful which can drive your body that is 70 k.g. of weight. You don't have any control over your body and mind. You have become slaves to the impulse. The impulse is the boss now.

You can not fight with the boss. But you can request. If you want to stop the fan, you should manipulate the regulator instead of fighting with the fan. Here the impulse is the regulator. You should manipulate it. Hereafter when the impulse comes, request the impulse to wait just for one minute.

Exactly one minute is enough. Don't be curious and increase the duration more than one minute. If you increase the duration more than one minute, you will fail. If you can hold on the impulse for one minute, it's in your control for one minute. You are aware of the impulse for one minute and you can be aware of smoking also equally for one minute.

In the same way, increase the duration for two minutes on the second day, three minutes on the third day and so on. As duration increases, gradually you will become boss to the impulse. If the impulse comes under your control completely, then it's possible for you to get rid of smoking and not before that. Try this technique and you will succeed.

Good morning... Be aware of the impulse..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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Babu Subramanian
Babu Subramanian
Jun 29, 2020

If you have inclination to quit the habit of smoking, definitely you will do so. Try to avoid the group which motivates or instigates the habit. Health is more important than anything in the world. Be firm in your decision. Be blessed.

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