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Sleep and Dreams


Question: Sir.. Nowadays, whenever I close my eyes within 15 to 30 secs I get dreams.. What could be the matter? During night sleep I don't find any dreams, but during the day time as soon as I close my eyes.. I get them and if I follow the dream I go to sleep. My sleep hours are 6 hours. Earlier I used to sleep for 8 hours.. Could that be a problem?

Answer: Yes. Insufficient sleep is the cause for the problem. Normally, when you sleep in the night, dreams will come in a state in which you are neither completely wakeful nor completely sleeping. As you are not sleeping sufficiently at night, whenever you close your eyes in day time , you will go to a sleeping state. Before you go to deep sleep, you will have dreams. It is quite natural.

But you are not getting dreams at night because you are more tired. So, once you lie down on the bed, you will sleep immediately. Don't reduce two hours of sleep suddenly. Rather, if you reduce 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour and so on, your body will adjust to it and plan accordingly. If you relax your body and mind consciously before you fall into sleep, your sleeping hours will be reduced automatically.

Thirty minutes of meditation before going to bed will also reduce your sleep. Because, meditation is sleeping without sleeping. You relax your body and mind and gain energy during meditation. So, less sleep will be sufficient.

Good Morning .. Sleep without sleeping... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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