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Significance of Ashada month


Question: Sir, what is this aashada Maasa, shunya maasa? What is its significance?

Answer: It is the fourth month in the traditional Hindu Lunar calendar, Aashada month marks the beginning of Dakshinayana when the Sun takes a southward turn in the zodiac.

It's significant for yogic practices to attain shunya state. That's why it's called shunya maasa. Shunya means nothingness, zero, openness and spaciousness. To attain this state, no rituals are necessary. That's why no rituals are performed during this month.

To divert the energy totally towards spirituality, newly married couples are asked to be separate. Usually, there won't be harmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. If they are fighting, everyone's mind in the house will be disturbed. They can't focus their attention on spiritual practices. That's why they have said that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should not be together during this month.

As everyone is engaged in their spiritual practice, marriage is not done during this month. Due to communication gap, these must have misinterpreted as:

1. If a woman gets conceived during ashada, delivery will happen during summer. It will be uncomfortable to both mother and child. If that is the case, newly married couples should be separate for 3 to 4 months. Because summer lasts for 3 months.

2. During ashada all the gods will be sleeping, no God will be there to bless. So marriage should not be done during this month. If God is sleeping, who is operating the whole universe?

3. In ashada month the wind will be more, so rituals can't be done in an open place. If that's the case, nowadays facilities are more, rituals can be done safely.

4. If mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are together during ashada, it is not good for both.

These are misinterpretations. So, spend more time for your sadana during this month and afterwards also.

Good morning.... Try to attain shunya..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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