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Self and Space


Question: Sir… I'm trying to connect myself with the space outside my body.. Then a big stoppage in the breathing occurs and I feel the fear. Why is this?

Answer: You are not trying to connect yourself with the space but you are trying to connect your mind with the space outside your body. You cannot connect yourself with the space outside your body as the space per se is the self and connected with everything always. When you realize yourself, you will come to know that you have no sides at all. Since you identify yourself with the body, mind, and any other objects, the sides exist.

When you think of the space, your mind frequency gets reduced. Hence, you feel as if your breathing has stopped, but it is not so. Breathing would have attained shallowness. During initial days of practice, this shallowness of breath may give rise to fear, but with a period of time, you will get used to it. Also once you end the meditation, your breathing comes back to normal. So, there is no need of having any fear. You may also be stuck somewhere or face some problems at times, if you combine your breathing with meditation techniques. To avoid this, it is better to practise it under the guidance of a master.

Good Morning ... Find no sides...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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