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Question: Sir.. Many of the times I tend to forget the goal.. I'm not putting in a continuous effort. I know if it is continued then I can complete the tasks which are important. Important for myself and society too. But it's not attractive enough for me.. Sometimes I am trying but due to some of the interruption it happens to delay or stop it. Sometimes I myself neglect or postpone the task. This is enough for me. I see that this is happening from childhood. I want to take charge of it. I want to change on this part. How to?

Answer: There are two tasks that you continue and complete. 1. Task that is unavoidable. 2. Task that is attractive. Task which is done for survival is unavoidable. Whether you are interested in it or not, whether it is attractive or not, you have to complete it. Many people are doing their job for survival. Task which is not unavoidable but you are interested in is an attractive task. You will continue and complete that too.

You will give first priority to these two tasks. But the problem lies in the task that is neither inevitable nor attractive. Doing exercise and meditation come under this category. They are important but may not be attractive and unavoidable. To continue and complete these types of tasks you should develop determination and dedication. Observing fast in particular days and observing silence for a few days, and performing puja/japa for 48 days will increase your determination and dedication.

When you do these things in the name of God, you will have faith and others will also support you. That's why they are asked to perform in the name of God. But when you perform these things, your body and mind get purified and your determination and dedication improve. Then whatever the task you take up, you will show the same dedication and determination.

Nowadays people don't have faith in God. So, they don't perform these things. No need to do the same things. If you have learned meditation, make an affirmation that you will do meditation for 48 days continuously. At any cost you should complete 48 days. Then you will feel that you have gained will power, dedication, determination and benefits of meditation. Then you can apply it for other tasks as well.

Good Morning .. Develop determination and dedication... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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