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Secret of others


Question: Why shouldn't we know the secret of others'?

Answer: That which is hidden from others is secret. You maintain a secret when you feel uncomfortable with others.

Three things can be kept secret.

1. Crime

2. Property

3. Knowledge.

There are three reasons for maintaining the secret. If you reveal the secret;

1. Society will punish you .

2. Others will grab your property.

3. You will not be important to others.

Seven reasons for why you shouldn't know the secret of others.If you know the secret of others,

1.You may be killed by others. Because you will be threatening them.

2. You may be tempted to kill others and grab their property.

3. You may blackmail others saying that you will disclose their secret.

4. Others may feel guilt as you knew their mistakes.

5. Others may do crime openly. Because they were labelled as criminals.

6. Others will be waiting to take revenge on you. Even if you commit a small mistake, they will exaggerate it and spoil your name.

7. You may feel superior and disrespect others.

Knowing other's secrets will not help you to lead a happy life. Instead of that, try to know the secrets within you. It will lead you towards perfection.

Good morning.... Know the secrets within you... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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