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Rooting in the Self


Question: Sir what is ‘Rooting in the Self’ and how to attain it?

Answer: ‘Rooting in the Self’ is like living in your own house. You cannot be vacated. Being rooted in others is like living in a rented house. You can be vacated. ‘Rooting in the Self’ means being settled or established in yourself.

Whatever you experience comes under two categories. i. e. Pain and Happiness. Beyond these two is Peace. Otherwise we can say, a balanced state of pain and happiness is peace. Peace can be attained through awareness.

Usually you are lost in pain or happiness. Instead, if you observe pain and happiness, one point of time you will feel that you are not lost in pain and happiness and you are separate from them.

When you recognize this, be sure that you have started to root in yourself. Don't leave it. Hold it firmly and go deeper. You will realize that you are not in pain and happiness.. And you will realize that you are Awareness.

You will realize that everything is passing and you are not clinging to anything. You are just witnessing. Your mind is totally relaxed in the witness. Because AWARENESS ITSELF IS PEACE. The moment you realize this, be sure that you have attained your source.

Good morning.... Be peaceful..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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