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Paradigm shift in karma theory


Question: Sir, what are we suffering today e.g., ill health, loss of wealth, defamed by the society etc., - all these because of our yesterday's or previous birth mistakes by knowingly or unknowingly? Or else, is it just an assumption or some other reason or gifted by our ancestors?

Answer: For every action there is a result. Even science has accepted it. This cause and effect system of nature is called Karma theory. The causes for your sufferings are your own actions done in the past. They are gifts of your ancestors too. As you are the continuation of your ancestors, your previous births are your ancestors. So, their actions are also causes for your sufferings.

It's an assumption too. Because, when man was not able to find the reasons for certain problems in life, he has assumed that the cause for the problem must be the actions in previous life. This is how the rebirth concept has come.

Anyway, you can reduce your sufferings if you are aware. If you understand that all the sufferings are your own makings, you can rewrite your karma by making efforts. As you are the writer of your own karma and you are the continuation of your ancestors, don't blame your karma or ancestors. Make efforts to get rid of them.

Good Morning .. Rewrite your karma.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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