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Overcome the pain of love


Question: Sir, how to overcome the pain of love?

Answer: When you have rooted in someone, you feel immense happiness. And you are on the top of the world. When you are uprooted, you feel immensely painful as if you are gone. After some time you will root in someone again. And there is a possibility that you will be uprooted again.This will continue again and again.

If you undergo happiness and pain totally, you go beyond the both. Then another dimension called Awareness is opened. When Awareness is there, you start to root in yourself. This is the ultimate turning point in your life. the more you are aware, the deeper you get rooted into your source. Now you cannot be uprooted by anything. Even now love is there but with awareness.

Love + Awareness =Compassion.

Now you will radiate love without rooting in others. So there will be no disappointment. No question of being uprooted or being cheated. Now you clearly know that someone is cunning.. Even then you will shower love on that person. Compassion is unconditional love.

Good Morning... Be rooted in yourself....💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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