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one side love


Question: What about one side love sir if the expression of love is the only proof?

Answer: There are two reasons for one side love. One is inferiority complex and the other is superiority complex. In both the cases, a person thinks that if the other person denies his /her love, it will hurt more.

Because both inferiority complex and superiority complexes are egoistic. The denial will be unbearable to the ego. So they don't express their love directly to their beloved.

But they express themselves a little bit in different ways. There will be changes in their daily activities. They will express their love with their friends. Then it will be suppressed.

Some people will direct their love-energy into writing poems, playing music, painting, sculpting and so on. They will become great artists. Those who have oppressed become the audience.

When you express your love and it is accepted, then it becomes complete. Sofar, you have been seeing the positive side of the person and now you start to see the negative side also.

You start to live with reality. So you are not interested in writing poems. Because poems are the metaphor. In case of the one side love, your love is still incomplete. You have not yet met the reality. So you will be imagining.

The longer your love is incomplete, the deeper will be your imagination. That's why you write beautiful poems. You compose beautiful music. Your painting will be so beautiful. Your sculptures will be so marvelous. Those who meet their beloved inside them become philosophers.

Good Morning.. Meet your beloved inside you..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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