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Non judgmental state


Question: Sir, How to reach a non-judgmental state in mind level?

Answer: Generally, the mind has been divided into three.

1. Conscious mind

2. Subconscious mind

3. Super Conscious mind

Your super conscious mind will say one thing , subconscious mind will say another thing and conscious mind will do something else. Because of the division, they function differently. The division has happened due to judgement.

If you observe anything without judgement, those divisions disappear. The mind becomes one. That state is called Mindfulness. Whether you observe inside or outside, it doesn't matter. For example, when you look at a flower, your mind will compare and judge the flower with your past experience.

But if you observe the flower without thinking anything about the flower, not even the name of the flower, your mind becomes one. Once the mind becomes one, you will feel no difference between you and the flower. Both become one. Inner unity leads to outer unity.

Good Morning.... Feel the state of non difference ...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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