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Money and Relationship


Question: Sir, whether money is important or relationship is important in life? One brother is earning more and in good condition but he doesn't like to help his own brothers even if they have problems. Why are siblings dead against in our society? How can we get rid of this Injustice and frustration?

Answer: To earn money you should have a good relationship with management /customers. To maintain other relationships you should have money. If one brother is earning more, it's his hard work. He has all the rights to give it or not to give it to others. There is no hard rule that he must help his brothers. So, it's not Injustice. Why do you expect help from him? If you expect, you will get disappointed and frustrated. So, try to solve your problem on your own. Find out your mistakes and correct them. Instead of blaming your brother, moralize your desire or develop your skills. If you were in your brother's position, would you have helped your brothers? When you don't have, you will say that you will help. But when you have, your mind set up will be different.

Everybody will concentrate on their own growth, including you. You are not feeling happy because at least one brother has settled well. Rather, you expect him to help for your growth. That's human nature. Reason for that is comparison. When rearing children, parents compare their children and comment. Same is the condition in the schools too. This activity of the society triggers the children to compete with each other. They start to focus on their own growth so that they can prove that they have succeeded in life. Society should teach children to love and care for each other. At the same time every individual should learn to lead their life without expecting anything from others. If others help you voluntarily when you are in crisis, respect their help and caring.

Good Morning .. Learn to care and share.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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