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Meditation, sleep and toxins


Question: Happened to meet a yoga teacher who teaches meditation also. Her question was some of her students slept while meditating and wanted to know the reason. One more who conducts some meditation camp has told because of the impurities they sleep. Please clarify.

Answer: There are three reasons for sleeping during meditation. 1. Habit / insufficient sleep 2. Low energy level 3. More toxins. Since birth, usually, you will sleep when you close your eyes. So, out of habit you sleep when you close your eyes for meditation. You should overcome this habit by strong affirmation before meditation. If you are not sleeping well during night, due to insufficient sleep you will sleep during meditation. By sleeping well during the night, you can overcome this constraint.

When your energy level is low, energy supply to your brain will be cut off. So, you will sleep during meditation. When you are exhausted or more tired, you can try relaxation instead of meditation. When you have more toxins, your energy will be used to remove the toxins. Suppose there are blockages in your toilet, bathroom and kitchen or Some creatures have died somewhere in your home.

The family members will give first preference to remove blockages and dead creatures. Other activities will be suspended. In the same way, the energy in your body gives first preference to remove toxins. So, you feel laziness and get sleepy. Before meditation practise cleansing pranayamas and then meditate.

Good Morning ... Do exercises regularly...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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