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Married Life and Spirituality


Question: Sir, Nowadays the majority of the people feel that Why I got married, irrespective of gender. What is the indication.?

Answer: It's the indication that their married life is not as they expected. Husband is expecting more from his wife and she is not able to fulfill them. Wife expects more from her husband and he is not able to fulfill them. Nowadays women have got educated and earning. So, they don't want to be dominated by men. They should be treated equally. Marriage is the combination of sacrifice and gratitude.

Both should sacrifice their ego and be grateful to love and care. Otherwise, married life will not be satisfied irrespective of who you are. A husband without gratitude cannot satisfy his wife, irrespective of how much ever strong he is physically. Because she is emotional oriented. A wife with ego cannot satisfy her husband, irrespective of how much ever beautiful she is physically. Because, love is beauty.

Whether both are not satisfied or anyone of you is not satisfied, then, your married life will be miserable. To sacrifice the ego and develop gratitude, one must have spiritual knowledge. This is the right time to give spiritual knowledge to the people so that they can lead a satisfied life, irrespective of whether their partner fulfills their expectations or not.

Good Morning ... Lead your married life in the light of spiritual knowledge... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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