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Marriage compatibility vs Soulmate


Question: Sir one question. In arranged marriages, they check 10 compatibilities in astrology. If all the compatibilities are matching, does it mean she is my soulmate?

Answer: The 10 Matching Factors are:

1.Nakshatra or Dina - It represents longevity and health.

2. Rasi - It’s about the mental compatibility of the couple.

3. Gana - couples should be matched according to the compatibility of temperament (spiritual and mental compatibility).

4.Yoni - It stands for compatibility in matters of sex.

5. Rajju - It tells about the longevity of the husband.

6. Raasi athipathi - It refers to the birth stars with their lords in the men and women horoscope.

7. Mahendhra - It represents wealth, children, longevity and well-being.

8. Stree dheerkha - It tells about the life span of the woman.

9. Vasiya - – It tells about the attraction and adjustability between the couple.

10. Vedha - Vedha means affliction. It tells about the lack of affection between the couple.

According to Astrology, even if all 9 factors are matching except vedha, you should drop the idea of marrying that person.So affection is important in an arranged marriage. Astrology also says that in cases of a love affair or marriage contemplation between a boy and a girl of an older age group, the application of the compatibilities can be omitted.

So, no need to check compatibility for those who are in love affairs. Because they are matured enough to choose a matching partner without depending on an astrologer. Only unmatured people will depend on stars and planets. A matured one goes beyond stars and planets.

A soulmate cannot be found out through astrology. But one can identify his/her soulmate out of awareness. Soulmates are filled with love. They don't even expect each other to be loved. They will simply be radiating love.

Good morning... Radiate love...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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