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Magnetic Polarity and Spirituality


Question: Sir, Just like sun has two magnetic lines Rahu and Kethu.. Do all the objects like earth or Atoms have their magnetic lines? If yes, how? If Not, Is it only for sun or stars? Why?

Answer: Yes. All the objects have magnetic lines. Rahu and Kethu are magnetic lines of the Sun. One is North Pole and the other is South Pole. Whatever spins has poles. Therefore, from dust particles to stars all the objects have poles. Even galaxies and the universe must have poles. Except the space, everything has poles. Whatever has poles has magnetic lines. According to the volume of the object, volume and intensity of the magnetic lines will vary.

Each cells in the body has North Pole and South Pole. Even for the whole body there are North Pole and South Pole. Even our mind has positive and negative as the mind is magnetic waves. The state beyond this duality is the Samadhi state. This state is also called as the Aloneness. The aim of all the spiritual practices is to attain this beyond duality state.

Good Morning.. Be alone.💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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