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Love vs Infatuation


Question: Sir, Love comes in adolescence is not true love. It is infatuation. Is it good to allow it?

Answer: Love is the only truth. At whatever age it comes, it is true and it can not be false.It may be lost for a short period, but the taste is the same. You take the seawater from anywhere in the sea and taste it. The taste will be the same. But understanding about the ocean will vary.

If you are standing on the seashore, you will see only waves of the ocean. And if you go deeper into the ocean, you will see the calmness of the ocean. Infatuation and lust are like the surface of the ocean of love. On the surface, wavering will be there. But without passing the surface, how can you go into the deeper?

The surface is the body which is the entrance of love. If you condemn the surface and close the entrance, how can you go deeper? How can you love a person without loving his/her body? A person is the combination of body, mind and soul. A person without a body is a devil.

The solid form of the soul is the body. The fluid form of the body is the soul. The body is the periphery and the soul is the centre. Only through the periphery centre is possible. The solution is not closing the entrance, not condemning the surface and not creating guilt but to create the atmosphere to go deeper.

Love is the mental maturity. If you stop it at the beginning itself, the whole life will be miserable. Deeper the love, more the maturity. More the maturity, less the miseries.

Good Morning..... Mature in love...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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