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Love is blind


Question: Sir, please comment on "Love is blind".

Answer: Love is blind because it is not logical oriented. It is emotional oriented. Logic will analyse whether a person is good or bad and reliable or cheater. But love will not analyse so. Because love is based on Trust. And logic is based on Doubt.

Trust sees the positive side of a person. Doubt knows the negative side of a person. Everybody has both positives and negatives. If you understand both, only then you can live with the person peacefully. Basically, women are emotional whose right side brain is more active and men are logical whose left side brain is more active.

When both love each other, these qualities are exchanged. That's why after love failure a boy goes to depression and a girl settles in life. Logic without love is like the desert. Love without logic is like the ocean. Both are not useful for cultivation. When both are mingled in the right proportion, cultivation is possible.

Life is like cultivation. So both logic and love are necessary. If you don't have love at all, life will be miserable. If you don't know logic at all, you will be cheated. If you have both equally, life will be the balance. Both the right hemisphere and left hemisphere should be activated equally.

The man is hot because of logic. And the woman is cool because of love. When they unite, both hot and cool are balanced. Logic functions in the Conscious state. love functions in the Sub-conscious state. Conscious-love functions in the Super conscious state.

Logic is the Consciousness. Love is great Energy. When the Consciousness and the energy unite together, great transformation happens. You are elevated to the Super conscious state. One has to grow from the conscious state to the subconscious state and the subconscious state to the super conscious state. That is the purpose of male and female union.

Good morning... love consciously..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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