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Love and sex with two persons


Question: Sir, can love and sex happen with two persons? Please answer.

Answer: Love and sex can happen with many. They should happen after the break up from the first person but not simultaneously with both. Even law permits it. If they happen simultaneously with both, it will create many problems in the society. It may spoil your health and other's health with whom you have a relationship.

Your partner and the other person's partner will be affected psychologically. And they will give problems to you and the society. You will also be affected psychologically. If you have children, they will be affected too. You may lose the support from your friends and relatives. If you are financially dependent, your life will become a question mark. Your reputation will be spoiled.

You can have multiple relationship, when

1. you and your partner agree to be so.

2. other's partners also agree.

3. society also accepts it.

It will not affect your spiritual growth directly if you protect your health.

Good morning... Protect your health...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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