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Love affairs with many


Question: Sir, though I am married, I have a desire to have multiple affairs. Why does the desire come?

Answer: Suppose you are served a kind of food which contains all the nutrients and six tastes. You enjoy it too. If you were served the same kind of food everyday all the three times till the end of your life, will you enjoy it? If not. Why?

Suppose you are given a beautiful dress. You also like that. If you were given the same kind of dress for your entire life, will you like it? If not. Why?

Suppose you are getting a handful of salary which is enough to lead a happy life. Even if so, if you have a chance, you will change the job or you will do side business. Why?

Even if you have a comfortable house, if you have the chance, you will buy many houses . Why?

Suppose you enjoy music. Can you enjoy the same music for your entire life without going to another music? If not, why?

Even if a master has given you complete knowledge, you have a desire to know what other masters are teaching. Why?

You are not satisfied with one thing. Always you want multiple varieties ... Why?

In the same way, you want variety in affairs also. It is just a continuation of all these things. So, It is such a common thing.

Now the question is why do human beings want variety? If you find the answer to this question, you will get an answer to your question too.

You had courage to ask this question. But many don't have the courage. Some will express it and some will suppress. But it is common to almost all humans.

Suppose your spouse is also having desire to have multiple affairs, will you allow your spouse to fulfill it? If not, you should drop your desire.

Note: By the way, I didn't say anything about whether these things are right or wrong.. 😜

Good Morning... Be courageous...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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