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Logic and self realization


Question: Sir.. My mind usually works logically though I know It's of no use in realizing self.. But I think I don't know how to surrender myself to the space.. Can you please teach me how to surrender myself.. Without getting involved in the logic and fear..?

Answer: Logical mind is like a gatekeeper. It will allow only reliable things inside. Therefore, it works based on doubt. It doubts whether something is reliable or not. Then, it analyses and finds out the right thing. When it doubts, you may have fear. However, after finding out the right thing, you will have faith. It will help you to choose the right path. Moreover, it will serve as the light during your journey until you reach the destination.

In fact, it shortens the journey as it helps you to understand the destination and find out the right path. Without logic, chances are there to be stuck somewhere. However, you should not stick with logic as well. Once you find out the right path, you should travel from the gate to the destination with the help of logic. Logic removes illusion and avoids deviation. Once you reach the destination, the logic becomes the Lord and the traveler becomes the destination. Logic is science. Everything has logic.

Good Morning ... Let the traveler become the destination... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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