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Life without food, sleep and sex


Question: Sir....can we mould our soul to live with the physical body but without food, sleep, sex?

Answer: First understand as to what is soul? Bundles of imprints are called souls. The consciousness constructs the physical body according to imprints. According to the soul only the physical body is constructed.

If your desire is strong enough to live without food, sleep and sex, the desire is getting imprinted in your soul. The soul will construct the body according to your desire in the next birth. It's like constructing the house. You have a physical body now. The house has been constructed.

Either you should demolish the present house before reconstruction or you should alter the present house. Now you have so many commitments with the present body. So, it's difficult to alter it. It is possible if you leave your family, relatives and job and go to an isolated place and practice certain special techniques.

But for what?

There must be four reasons for this desire.

1. You may want to become famous. You want your name to remain forever.

2. You may want to attain enlightenment.

3. You may want to do service.

4. You may want to escape from pains and responsibilities.

All these things can be achieved without avoiding food, sleep and sex. Then for what do you want to live without food, sleep and sex. Observing the limit and method in these three is enough.

Good Morning.... Observe limit and method.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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