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Laughing and Crying


Question: Sir, Laughing is tonic for health. If we always laugh easily and get rid of all the problems, we could exhaust our stress. But there is one phenomenon, if we laugh more one day we will cry more (Like Day - Night). Is this a true or wrong assumption?

Answer: The first thing you should understand is both laughing and crying are good for your health. As you want to avoid crying, you avoid laughing too. There is no mandatory that laughing should follow crying and crying should follow laughing. It's you who decides. When you are down, you will be thinking of the up. When you are in the up, you will be thinking of the down. Your thoughts move you.

When you are facing difficulties, you will definitely be thinking of getting rid of difficulties and being happy. This thought leads you towards happiness. When you are happy, out of ignorance you will either hurt others or create jealousy in others. So, they will curse you to face difficulties. This cursing brings you difficulties. When you are happy, out of fear you will be thinking that difficulties may come at any time. This thought leads you towards difficulties.

The nature of mind is duality and change. It will think either this or that. It won't be in the middle. As its nature is changing, it won't stay in one thing. When you are laughing, it will think of crying. When you are crying, it will think of laughing. That's why it's said that if you laugh, you will cry. If you cry, you will laugh. If you accept both laughing and crying without avoiding anything, you will be in the middle. If you are in the middle, you will be aware. Then your health will not be depending on laughing or crying.

Good Morning .. Accept both laughing and crying.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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