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Knack vs Sadana (Practice)


Question: Hello, All those who have achieved enlightenment is due to sadana and not through the knack. In my opinion knack is a sudden flash of mind. And its application may help in achieving the desired goal but not enlightenment. lf not convinced, please quote names of those who achieved enlightenment using knack. OK?

Answer: I have not said that sadana is not required. I have said that apart from sadana, a knack is also necessary. Yes. A knack is a flash of mind when you rightly align with your target. You should apply it in your sadana. I have to quote the names of almost all enlightened masters.

Almost all those who have attained enlightenment have taken initiation from a master. And they have practiced certain techniques taught by their masters. But after enlightenment, they didn't teach the same technique to their disciples. They have taught entirely new techniques or modified techniques.

This is what has happened from Ancient Buddhas to Modern Masters. This shows that they must have had their own way of practice apart from their master's techniques. I call their own way as a knack. It's a new dimension.

Good Morning....Have your own way..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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