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Question: If jealousy is a basic attitude of a person, he will never change from this attitude. What do you say Sir?

Answer: Jealousy is everybody's basic quality. To understand this, you should understand what jealousy is. Jealous is an uncomfortable feeling that comes when you think that you don't have something and others have it.

One cannot have everything. So, naturally everyone is jealous. Some may express it. Others may suppress it. But everyone has it. There are two reasons for having jealousy.

1. Comparing yourself with others

2. Not understanding your uniqueness

When you compare yourself with others, either you will feel inferior or superior. If you feel superior, you will be happy. If you feel inferior, either you will admire or condemn others. Admiration and condemnation are two dimensions of jealousy.

When you are far away, you will admire them. When you are nearing them, the admiration turns into jealousy. If you don't compare yourself with others, you will recognize, respect and appreciate other's good works. Jealousy doesn't allow you to show your gratitude even if you have benefited from others.

If you don't want to compare, you should understand your uniqueness. If you understand your uniqueness, you will understand that everyone is unique. As everyone is unique, there is no meaning in comparing. Until you understand your uniqueness, you will feel jealous. It's inevitable. After understanding your uniqueness, you will change your attitude.

Good Morning.... Understand your uniqueness...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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