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Is sensitiveness a weakness?


Question: Sir, Why do sensitive people get hurt soon compared to normal people? Is it their born quality? Is sensitiveness a weakness?

Answer: Sensitivity is the quality of consciousness. If you are more sensitive, it means that you are more conscious. Some people were born with more sensitivity than normal people. But anybody can develop it. Sensitivity is subtle. Insensitivity is gross. The more you are sensitive, the more you are subtle, and the more you become soft.

Sensitivity is not weakness. It is vulnerable, soft like a flower without a safeguard. A plastic flower can be hard and safe. you cannot hurt it. But the real flower is soft and more sensitive. Anybody can hurt it.

There can be two reasons for getting hurt.

1. Vulnerability

2. Wound

When you are in the path of spirituality, your sensitivity increases, you become aware. You become different from normal people. Normal people are less sensible. They see the difference in you. Out of an inferiority complex, they may hurt you to protect themselves. Or they will go away from you. If you are compassionate towards the normal people, they will also become more sensitive. All human beings should become more sensitive.

And if you have a wound, you get hurt soon. Because of the openness. The layer around the wound has been dropped. That's why you could feel the hurt soon. The less sensitive people are not getting hurt soon. Because they have many layers around the wound. They are protecting it. And they think that they don't have wounds.

It is good if you get hurt soon. Because you are able to sense the wound. If you accept and observe the wound, it will be healed. Anybody can touch the flower and hurt. As your sensitivity grows, you will be transformed into the next stage. You will become soft like air. Nobody can touch and hurt the air. But air can touch everybody.

Good morning.... Be like the air..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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