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Inner richness and outer richness


Question: Sir, There are so many rich and poor in this world.. What would you like to tell them? A rich can become poor and poor can become rich.. But still what is important for all of them?

Answer: The rich is the one who has the capacity to fulfill his desires and also help others and the poor is the one who doesn't have the capacity to fulfill his desires. If you are rich, you should use the money to fulfill your desires which are fair. You should utilize your money to bring happiness not only to you but also to people around you. Finally, you should use the money and not let money use you.

If you are poor, there are three reasons for it: 1. You must be lazy. 2. You must have desired / committed for something beyond your limit. 3. You must have neglected money. Until you realize your mistakes and correct them, you will remain poor. So, make an effort to overcome laziness, save some portion of your earnings without desiring/committing beyond your limits and start to respect money instead of neglecting it.

Both rich and poor should keep on making an effort. Poor should put effort into becoming rich and the rich should put effort to grow further and to maintain the richness already attained. The rich should also utilize their wealth created to help the needy. Both rich and poor should handle the money with awareness, so that one is not cheated by others or it is not spent irresponsibly which could lead to loss.

Awareness comes from inner richness. Hence, if you are stable in your inner richness, your outer richness will also be stable. If you don't have inner richness and you have only outer richness, it's like a strong building on a weak foundation. It may fall down any time. The outer richness depends on the inner richness but inner richness doesn't depend on outer richness. Though the foundation is strong, if there is no building on it, then there is no use of it. If a strong building is constructed on a strong foundation, then it will be useful. Hence, meditate daily to attain inner richness and make efforts to attain outer richness.

Good Morning .. Attain both inner richness and outer richness..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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