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How to remain permanent?


Question: Sir, I also have one question. What is the composition of soul?... what's the difference between soul and life force energy or particles... how to remain permanent in this universe by retaining the identity in the universe? I'm not talking about retaining the physical body but retaining the other 2 bodies.

Answer: Soul is the composition of imprints which happen in biomagnetism. This is called a causal body. Life force is the fundamental energy particle. These particles are circulating all over the body. This is called the Astral body. Physical body is the composition of millions of cells. These three bodies are subjected to dissolve.

You can not retain these permanently. But you can extend the duration by some Yogic practices. The aim of human life is to destroy the identity. The identity differentiates you from the Totality. When your identity is dissolved. You become one with the Totality. Then the Totality will use your body to serve society. If the contribution to society is more and useful to all the ages, then your name will remain.

Good Morning... Dissolve to remain... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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