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Health and Environment


Question: Sir, Health and Environment are the biggest challenges. Many experts and scientists are available in the present world but still it is uncontrollable. Why sir..?

Answer: By nature we are healthy and Environment is pure. It's we who spoil our health and pollute the environment. Though experts and scientists are there, they are controlled by business people. So, they are unable to provide their ideas to the world. Or they are insisted to give wrong information. Even if they provide their knowledge to the world, people are not ready to implement it in their life. People are addicted to sensual pleasures and pseudo prestige.

Majority of the people have unhealthy foods knowingly to satisfy their senses. Others have unhealthy food to show that they are high class people. Irresponsible people pollute the environment without awareness. They don't know that their actions will spoil their health and other's health too. Hence, to control these problems, every individual should have control over their sensual pleasures and have knowledge about environmental pollution. This can be achieved through meditation and Introspection practices.

Good Morning .. Take the responsibility for disease and environmental pollution.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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