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Fear of death


Question: Sir nowadays.. Any death I see or hear.. I feel fear. I can't do anything in the matter of death or fear. But it keeps reminding me I have not completed the task of knowing me.. exactly this task is what I am reminded of.. Can you please say something about it?

Answer: It shows that you are on the right track. You cannot do anything with death. But you should complete the purpose of your birth. If the death of others reminds you of the purpose of your birth, it means that you have understood the purpose of life. Other's death should remind you of the uncertainty of life. Death may come at any moment. You will also die one day definitely. If you are aware of this, you will not waste your time.

Whenever you meditate, meditate with the great urgency as if this is the last moment of your life. So that you can realize yourself soon. Being aware of the uncertainty of life, live this moment completely. Express yourself totally. Share what you have and care for everyone.

Good Morning.. Let your life be complete each moment.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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