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Question: Sir, say about faith.

Answer: When you have fear, you have faith in something. Your faith stands on fear. Faith can be of three types.

1. Religious faith

2. Faith on relationships

3. Faith on materials

When you are young, your parents teach you about God to manage you. They create fear in you. After growing up also the fear continues. Out of fear, you worship god. You have faith in God because you don't have faith in yourself totally. You are not ready to take the responsibilities. If you fail, you can blame god now as if god was responsible for your failure.

As far as a relationship is concerned, you restrict the other person in the name of faith. Faith controls the other person from living as they want to live. This faith is also based on the fear as if the other person will give you up or cheat you.

Then you have faith in materials also so that they will protect you and help you. This is also due to lack of faith in you.

If you have faith in yourself, you will have no fear. You will take the whole responsibility. Then no need to have faith in god, relations and materials. Instead of having faith you will love. you will give freedom.

Good Morning...Have faith in yourself...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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