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Entire universe is our body


Question: Sir, I have a question. People say that expanding our sensory perception to the entire universe is enlightenment. Is it true? If it's true, then it's our illusion that the whole universe is our body. If our body is the universe, why can't we instruct and get it done by ourselves without preaching people. Voluntarily I can close my eyes when I send instructions to my mind. if I give the same instructions to close the eyes the whole universe has to close the eyes. Why does the universe (entire universal population ) not close its eyes?

Answer: The other day I symbolically said that the whole universe is your body. It means that if you feel any pain in any part of your physical body, you will immediately try to remove it. Because you feel the whole body as one.

In the same way, the enlightened people feel the whole universe is one. It is the deepest feeling. So wherever the pain is, there they will try to remove it. It is a natural process. For some pain, just medicine is enough. Some pain needs surgery.

In the same way, for some people just instruction (Blessing) is enough. The change will happen. For others, teaching is necessary. So they preach. You say that if you give instruction to close the eyes, the whole population should close their eyes.

In your own body, there are many things which won't respond to your instructions. Can you move your hair by just giving command? When your hand has got affected by a stroke, you can not lift it by giving a command. But you will feel that they are parts of your body.

Enlightened people are giving instructions to remove pains. But people are insensitive and paralyzed. They are not able to receive the silent instructions. What to do? That's why they preach. Normally, the human mind wants the power to control others. That's why this type of question has come.

But that deepest feeling is not of the mind but of the consciousness. Enlightenment is not to control but to live in unison with nature. You will not disturb the order of nature. It's not that you can not control it. But you will not do it in that state.

Good Morning...Have the deepest feeling...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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