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Enlightenment, One world government and world peace


Question: Sir, if there is Positive,there should be Negative too. In case of world peace, everyone should attain Enlightenment. Is one world government quite easy..? Please clarify Ji.

Answer: The world is neither belonging to positive nor negative. Positive and negative belong to your mind. Something is positive to you and the same thing may be negative to others and vice versa. Your mind will be either positive or negative. When it stays in the middle, both positive and negative will become neutral. That state is called enlightenment.

If you expect world peace after everyone attains enlightenment, it won't be possible immediately. It will take more time. Possibilities are there for it will not happen at all. When the majority of the people follow spirituality, the majority of the political leaders will be spiritual persons. Then, the one world government will be possible. Though the one world government is formed, grudges will be there and differences of opinions will be there. But it will not lead to world war.

The one world government will assure the basic needs to everyone. It will reduce crime rates in the world so that the world will be almost peaceful. Instead of arguing that world peace will never come, if we support the idea for the welfare of the world, it will be strengthened.

Good Morning ... Support the idea of world peace..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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